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The Employer-Driven Model and Toolkit: Strategies for Developing Employment Opportunities for Justice-Involved Individuals: Address Employers' Needs and Expectations

"Many employers are apprehensive about hiring persons with criminal convictions, but employment specialists tolerate some failed hires only if they have had some successful job placements and found community-based corrections employment specialists to be responsive to their concerns. "It is important to remember that these relationships are mutually beneficial. The employment specialist who works with justice-involved individuals can help employers meet critical staffing needs at little or no cost, and employers can provide these job seekers with an opportunity to earn a sustainable wage, which research shows can reduce recidivism, thus improving public safety. It can be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

"The foundation for these relationships must focus on benefits provided to the employer. Long-term success of partnerships with employers depends on good communication, excellent customer service, and employee retention" (p. 1).

This publication explains how optimal partnerships between the offender employment specialist and employer. Sections cover: the Employer-Driven Model-address employer needs, prepare job seekers, and engage partners; how employment specialists can initiate relationships with business owners/employers; how employment specialists can most effectively communicate with employers about the benefits of hiring job seekers with criminal records; effective practices; tips; and resources.