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The Employer-Driven Model and Toolkit: Strategies for Developing Employment Opportunities for Justice-Involved Individuals: Prepare Job Seekers for Employment

"Employers face global competition in their drive to operate successful businesses in today’s marketplace. If the correctional system is to be successful in placing job seekers in meaningful employment that meets employers’ expectations, correctional practitioners must prepare them for the workplace well in advance of their release. Practitioner knowledge of employers’ staffing requirements contributes to the success of this mission. New tools and proven strategies can greatly assist justice-involved individuals transitioning to the community workplace. necessary for post-release success" (p. 1). This publication will explain how to use these tools. Sections cover: the types of assessment that are most effective at ensuring a good job match and successful placement; what job readiness is; barriers job seekers encounter and the resources that can help address these challenges, such as the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) "Thinking for a Change" cognitive-based program for offenders transitions back into the community; what can be done during the time of incarceration to teach job retention skills; what training is available for staff interested in building effective pre-release job training programs; effective practices; tips; and resources.