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Exploring the Evidence: The Value of Juvenile Drug Courts

“This article will focus on the latest juvenile drug court research findings, and will remind courts about the importance of following “Juvenile Drug Courts: Strategies in Practice (16 Strategies in Practice)” and maintaining and maintaining a focus on strong and effective collaboration. New research shows that not only can juvenile drug courts be effective in reducing recidivism and substance use among adolescents, but also that following the model and strategies is critical to program success” (p. 2). 

Sections discuss: understanding the juvenile drug court model; the 16 Strategies of Juvenile Courts; what the evidence shows-using incentives and sanctions, team members matter, using evidence-based practices increases positive outcomes, and active parent participation is key; what is known; ensuring continued results-ensure team members receive adequate training, and team members committed for the long term are the most effective; and a success story from Cole County (MO) Juvenile Drug Court.