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Families Unlocking Futures: Solutions to the Crisis in Juvenile Justice

'The work of this report and the work of Justice for Families is designed to set the record straight: to correct misperceptions about system-involved youth and their families; to demonstrate the depth of engagement by system-involved youth and their families; and to assert the critical need for these families' active participation and leadership in rede-signing the youth justice system in order to secure safer and more prosperous communities' (p. 10-11). The following sections are contained in this report: justice systems lock down youth and lock out families'locked down/locked out of schools, booking (arrest), detention, the courtroom, probation, youth prisons, and youth re-entry; juvenile justice systems tear apart families and destabilize communities through economics, mental and emotional health, and feelings of isolation, alienation, and powerlessness; families demand solutions since families are the solution; Justice for Families Blueprint for Youth Justice Transformation; and conclusion'a call to action.