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Green Corrections Symposium Notes

"On November 21, 2014, the Green Corrections Symposium convened professionals from the corrections community, as well as partners including reentry professionals, energy specialists, and education and workforce development experts. During the Symposium, winners of the Green Corrections Challenge, a video and presentation contest to demonstrate innovative green practices in the corrections community, were announced and viewed. Experts also spoke about best practices within the green corrections framework of correctional facilities, education and training, and reentry programs. Participants then answered a series of questions about lessons learned and application of these lessons. The following document summaries the notes from these conversations" (p. 1). Sections comprising this document are: Presentation and Discussion-Embedding Green Policies and Practices in Correctional Facilities; Presentation and Discussion-Embedding Green Policies and Practices in Education and Training; and Presentation and Discussion-Embedding Green Policies and Practices in Reentry Programs and Integrating Green Corrections Programming. Discussion points for each presentation were: what the top most important lessons learned from expert comments and winning Green Corrections Challenge presentations are, how you can apply what you have learned, and the resources or information needed to apply what you have learned. The final presentation theme included a fourth discussion point-what are the top most important lessons learned today regarding the integration of the pillars of facility operations, education and training, and reentry. The winning Challenge entries shown during this symposium were: FCC Victorville BOP (CA)-Putting Our Trash on Lockdown; Franklin County Sheriff's Office (OH)-Green Taskforce; Delaware Doc, Sussex County Community Corrections Center-Striving to Make a Difference in Sunny Sussex County; Reentry Programs: Wisconsin DOC for The Growth Academy; and New Green Corrections Concepts-Indiana DOC, Branchville for the Green and Giving Back.