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Guidelines for the Successful Transition of People with Behavioral Health Disorders from Jail and Prison

The Behavioral Health Framework developed to “help professionals in the corrections and behavioral health systems take a coordinated approach to reducing recidivism and advancing recovery” is explained (p. 2). Sections of this publication cover: building effective partnerships through a shared vision; health care reform and opportunities for expanded access to behavioral health services; prioritizing enrollment to facilitate transition; the risk-need-responsivity (RNR) model; implications for successful transition and reentry; Guidelines 1 and 2-Assess; Guidelines 3 and 4-Plan; Guidelines 5 and 6-Identify; and Guidelines 7 through 10-Coordinate. Appendixes to this document are: “Evidence-Based Practices and Programs for Individuals with Behavioral Health Needs in the Criminal Justice System”; and “Information Sharing in the Criminal Justice-Behavioral Health Context: HIPAA and 42 CFR”.