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Large Jail Network Meeting, July 9-11, 2006, Longmont, Colorado Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting

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Contents of these proceedings are: meeting highlights; "Open Forum: Hot Topics for Discussion"; "Understanding Culture: The Root of It All" by Carol Flaherty-Zonis; "NIC Information Center Briefing" by Sandy Schilling and Josh Stengel; "Analyzing Our culture to Improve Our Jail" by Mark Foxall; "Changing the Jail's Organizational Culture" by Robert Green; "Planning for Catastrophes and Other Emergencies" by Jeffrey Schwartz; "Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) and Jails" by Larry Solomon; "Criminal Registration Unit" by Dave Parrish and Jim Compton; "Emergency Assistance Agreements Among Jails: Supplies, Money, and Staff" by Jeffrey Schwartz; "Topics for the Next Large Jail Network Meeting" by Marilyn Chandler Ford, Tom Merkel, and Richard Geaither; meeting agenda; and list of attendees.