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Meeting the Needs of Female Juvenile Offenders [Lesson Plan and Participant's Manual]

This 38-hour course is designed to help juvenile justice agencies evaluate and respond to the needs of juvenile female offenders in their specific service delivery areas. It outlines a framework for translating expressed needs and profiles into appropriate programs and services. Eight sections comprise this manual:

  • Introduction;
  • Defining the context of juvenile female offender issues within the juvenile justice system;
  • Defining the context of juvenile female issues within your juvenile justice system; applying the female lens to your organization--addressing staffing issues;
  • How to find and evaluate resources for your service delivery area;
  • Identifying risk factors in your programming and service world;
  • How to address major risk factors in your service delivery area;
  • How to evaluate your program and services;
  • And supplemental material. This program is more about how to develop and program for girls in various juvenile justice settings.