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National Institute of Corrections Report to the Nation FY 2011

“It is with great pleasure that I present to you the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Report to the Nation for fiscal year 2011. This last year has been very important for us because it has included a number of accomplishments that have enabled us to continue to assist the field of corrections effectively ... One of our greatest achievements continues to be our ability to provide quality services to the field with a relatively small federal budget and staff ... There are many items that I am pleased to highlight in this report, including the relocation of the Robert J. Kutak library and National Corrections Academy to a new, renovated facility in Aurora, Colorado; the improvements NIC has made to enhance its communications; and the continued technical assistance that NIC provides to federal, state, local, and tribal jurisdictions as part of its core services. In the pages of this report, you will find information about these accomplishments while also learning more about our plans for the future.” These remarks were made by Morris L. Thigpen, previous Director, National Institute of Corrections (NIC). Topics reported upon include NIC’s reaching out to the field of corrections, supporting corrections in the field, training of corrections leaders for the future, continuing to supply the field with information resources, and the provision of technical assistance.