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A New Life Behind Bars: A Prison Retrofit

This innovatively designed report is an excellent examination of how a prison could become more sustainable and save costs. "Institutional establishments with long-term residents, such as prisons, which use a significant amount of resources can reduce their energy, food and water costs by using sustainable practices. These practices can help reduce the costs of prisoner housing and eventually lower costs to tax payers. This project focuses on a hypothetical retrofit of the Wilmot Department of Corrections (Wilmot D.O.C.) prison facility in Tucson, AZ." Sections of this report include: introduction; literature review-solar power, wastewater management, on site food production, and rehabilitation; case studies-Colorado Correctional Industries, ASPC Lewis, Sidwell Friends Middle School, New Orleans Parish, Disney's Living With the Land, Sustainable Prisons Project; site analysis; design-layout, greenhouses, constructed wetlands, composting fields, and workshops; and conclusions.