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Our System of Corrections: Do Jails Play a Role in Improving Offender Outcomes?

"This document will review the role of jails and incarceration within United States' correctional systems and propose opportunities for jail officials to interact and collaborate with local criminal justice entities with the shared purpose of enhancing long-term public safety" (p. ix). Sections following an abstract include: practice within corrections -- does it work as a system; corrections within the U.S. -- the current context; evidence-based practice -- the effectiveness of criminal sanctions; communicating within a social learning environment; offender classification -- to jail or not to jail; the work of jails -- high-risk offenders and their effect on public safety; organizational/system change -- the role of correctional leadership; high-risk offenders in jail transition programs; and conclusion/summary. Appendixes include: "An Example of a Successful Jail Transition Program: The Dutchess County Jail Transition Program [DCJTP]"; DCJTP 5-Week Plan -- Checklist; and DCJTP Plan for Transition form.