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Performance Incentive Funding for Prison Diversion: An Implementation Study of the DuPage County Adult Redeploy Illinois Program

"Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI) was designed as a response to the high numbers of non-violent offenders incarcerated in Illinois’ prisons at great cost to the state. Participating ARI counties divert non-violent offenders from prison and into community corrections programs. These programs are less expensive than prison and designed to be more effective at reducing recidivism" (p. i). Sections of this report include: key findings; introduction; about Adult Redeploy Illinois; methodology; findings-client data; findings-program planning; findings-program implementation; findings-client interviews; implications for policy and practice; and conclusion. "With 127 diversions, the DuPage County ARI program exceeded its goal of reducing prison commitments of the non-violent target population by 25 percent. Probation officers reported offering clients evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral supervision and services. Overall, clients highly regarded the ARI program and their probation officers" (p. iii).