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PREA Juvenile Offender Orientation for Newly Committed Juvenile Offenders

This document is an excellent introduction for youth about the prevention of sexual abuse while they are incarcerated. "The Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority (JJA) is committed to your safety and the safety of staff. You have the right to serve your sentence with dignity and free from sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and retaliation. The JJA has zero tolerance regarding sexual abuse and sexual harassment within its facilities. This means we DO NOT tolerate any level of sexual harassment, misconduct, or assault in the facilities. EVERY effort will be made to prevent sexual abuse and harassment from occurring, EVERY allegation will be investigated, EVERY perpetrator punished, and EVERY victim offered services" (p. 1). Sections cover: what sexual abuse is; prevention; reporting and investigations; what to expect during an investigation; and some final thoughts on zero tolerance and safety.