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Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, Colorado September 24-25, 2012

Sections contained in these proceedings include: about this Large Jail Network (LJN) meeting; media relations-“Being Prepared to Have a Good Relationship” by Karla West; civilianization and volunteer work forces-“Part 1. Reassigning Officer Posts to Civilian Employees” by Art Wallenstein, “Part 2. Issues in Civilianizing Jail Posts” by Steve Kelly, and “Part 3. Using Volunteers in the Jail” by Don Pinkard; the pros and cons of outsourcing services-“Part 1. Outsourcing Services” by Glenn Kurtz, and “Part 2. Outsourcing Concerns” by Ron Eddings; jails becoming mental health centers-“Part 1. The Myth of Deinstitutionalization: Criminalizing Mental Illness” by Mark Foxall, “Part 2. Using Business Analysis Models for Process Change” by Claudia Balducci, and “Part 3. Closing a Permeable Boundary” by Margaret Severson; reentry that counts-“County of Hudson Community Reintegration Program” by Oscar Aviles; open forum; legislative and association updates; and Large Jail Network business.