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Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, Colorado, March 23 - 25, 2014

Sections of these proceedings are: about this meeting; meeting highlights; "I.L.P.: Intelligence-Led Policing in a Detention Environment" by Ed Beckman; "Segregation of High Risk Medical and Mentally Ill Inmates": "Part 1. Segregation of High Risk Medical and Mentally Ill Inmates" by Herbert L. Bensen", and "Part 2. Successful Practices in Preventing Inmate Suicide" by Jack Herron; "Staff Misconduct" by Wendell France; "Crisis Intervention Teams" by Shayne Grannum; "Counterfeiting and Jails: The National IPR Coordination Center" by Tony Ruocco; "Staff Wellness: Managing/Implementing Organizational Change": "Part 1. Organizational Culture, Change, & Connection: Resistance to Change" by Michael W. Frost", "Part 2. Corrections Fatigue" by Grannum, and "Part 3. Staff Wellness: What Is Our Responsibility as Administrators?" by Elias Diggins; Open Forum; professional association updates; and future meeting topics. An appendix provides "Index of Past LJN Meeting Topics".