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Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, Colorado, September 28-30, 2014

Sections of these proceedings are: about this meeting; "Legal Issues in Today's Jails: Avoiding Civil Liability" by Carrie Hill; "Domestic Threats to Jail Security:" "Part 1. Countering Prisoner Radicalization in the Federal Bureau of Prisons" by Jeff Woodworth; "Part 2. Sovereign Citizens" by Steve Cope; "Prison Rape Elimination Act - Lessons Learned from Early Audits:" "Part 1. PREA: The Riverside Regional Jail Authority Experience" by Jeffery Newton; "Part 2. Surviving the PREA Audit" by Marilyn Chandler Ford; "Health Care Reform + Inmate Medical Care = Reduced Costs?" "Part 1. Affordable Care Act: Continuity of Care" by Richelle Arhalt; "Part 2. Affordable Care Act: Innovative Approaches" by Raul Benasco; "Part 3. Curbing the Rising Cost of Healthcare" by Mark Bolton; "Mental Health Models that Work:" "Part 1. Restoration of Competency Program" by Gregory Garland; "Part 2. Mental Health Treatment" by Christopher Kneisley; "Part 3. Mental Health Management Unit" by Jared Schecter; "Part 4. Mental Health Treatment and Community Re-Entry" by Don Pinkard; "Jail Leader Longevity in Office: Achieving and Sustaining Success in Jail Leadership" by Patrick Tighe; Open Forum; professional association updates; and future meeting topics. An appendix provides "Index of Past LJN Meeting Topics".