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Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, July 2002

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Contents of these proceedings include:

  • meeting highlights;
  • "Cost Containment for Inmate Health Care" by Rebecca Craig;
  • "Taming the Cost of Health Care in Detentions: What Works in San Diego County" by William Sparrow;
  • "Confronting Costs for Medical Care: Open Forum Discussion";
  • "Increased Medical Costs: Managed Care and Private Contracts" by David Parrish and Dennis Williams;
  • "Public Health and Jails: Challenges and Current Activities" by Roberto Hugh Potter and Dennis Andrews;
  • "Succession Planning: Mentoring and Training Future Middle Managers" by Rocky Hewitt and Al Johnson;
  • "Preventing Jail Suicides" by Jim Babcock;
  • "Update on Large Jail Issues";
  • "Topics For the Next Large Jail Network Meeting" by Richard Geaither;
  • meeting agenda;
  • and participant list.