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Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting - July 2005

Contents of these proceedings are: meeting highlights; "Inmate Labor: Entitlements, Benefits, and Regulations" by Rod Miller; "Social Security Administration: Inmate Reporting and Incentive Payments" by Diane Nest; "Re-Entry From Jail and Federal Benefits" by Katherine Brown; "SSI and Medicare Disability Payments for Inmates" by Don Ketcham; "Third Party Reimbursement Potential" by Phil Hoelscher; "The Character Quality Program" by Cliff Uranga and Argyl Dick; "Ethics and Professionalism: The Holistic Approach" by Steve Thompson; "The Evolution of Corrections in Cuyahoga County, Ohio" by Ken Kochevar; "Employee-Restricted Duty: Policy and Practice" by Marilyn Chandler Ford; "Employee Attendance Policy: Controlling the Abuse of Sick Leave" by Marilyn Chandler Ford and Anthony Dawsey; announcements; "Staffing Analysis for Jails" by Rod Miller; "Discussion of Next LJN Meeting: Schedule and Topics" by Richard Geaither; meeting agenda; and list of meeting attendees.