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Promising Victim Related Practices in Probation and Parole: Training Curriculum [and] Participant Manual [Lesson Plans and Participants' Manual]

“The goal of this training program is to provide community corrections officers with information on strategies they can use to enhance their interactions with and services to crime victims. By the conclusion of this training participants will be able to: 

  • describe the impacts and implications of crime on its victims; 
  • identify the specific rights of victims, and describe the role of community corrections staff in implementing victims’ rights; 
  • demonstrate skills for communicating effectively with crime victims; 
  • identify 4-5 approaches for obtaining victim impact statements, and 3-4 appropriate types of information to request through victim impact statements; 
  • list 4-5 points in the community corrections process that officers should provide notification to victims; 
  • [and] demonstrate 2-3 strategies for increasing restitution collection among supervisees.

This 16-hour training program is made up of five modules: 

  • welcome and introductions; 
  • communicating effectively with crime victims; 
  • incorporating victim input throughout the community corrections process; 
  • victim notification; 
  • and enhancing restitution management and enforcement.