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Reducing Recidivism: Corrections Directors in Five States Share Lessons Learned

The responses of Harold W. Clarke, Justin Jones, Andrew A. Pallito, LaDonna H. Thompson, and Max Williams - the corrections directors from Virginia, Oklahoma, Vermont, Kentucky, and Oregon, respectively - regarding strategies and challenges they faced in reducing recidivism are reported. Other agencies can use these lessons learned to reduce their own recidivism. Topics discussed include: why corrections leaders are embracing recidivism reduction as a goal; where recidivism reduction fits with other goals; the potential for reasonable reductions in the recidivism rate when faced with decreasing resources for field supervision and post-release services; the degree to which the legislature expects corrections administrators to drive efforts in reducing statewide recidivism; the most important policy steps that states can take to reduce recidivism; the data needed to track progress in reducing recidivism and that data’s availability; and the appropriate role the federal government should take in supporting the reduction of recidivism at the state level.