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Reentry Survival Manual

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While each chapter lists the various organizations that will assist ex-offenders in Lafayette Parish, other correctional agencies will find the in depth explanations of what issues impact the chapter's topic very useful for their efforts to develop or update their own reentry guides. "This Reentry Survival Manual was created to strengthen your skills and help you overcome any barriers that you may face as you return to the community. The Lafayette Parish Sheriff‘s office is dedicated to supporting you as you strive to successfully make your return from incarceration back to your family and community. We encourage you to study and take advantage of this resource packet. We hope that you keep an open mind and positive outlook towards this learning experience. Best of luck to you, we hope you lead a happy life as you go back to your family and friends with a renewed outlook on life" (p. 2). Fourteen chapters are contained in this manual: identification and primary documents; housing; employment; careers; work ethics; transportation; money management; education; Incarcerated Veterans' Program; substance abuse and mental health; family and friend relationships; child support; restorative justice and victim awareness; and living under supervision. This manual also contains: a great flowchart showing how an offender moves through the Lafayette Parish corrections system en route to release; a Reentry Checklist of things the inmate needs to do before release; an exercise helping the offender to determine what things may be a potential barrier to a successful transition to the community; and a checklist for helping the offender plan their personal reentry plan.