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Responding to Sexual Abuse of Youth in Custody: Responding to the Needs of Boys, Girls and Gender Non-Conforming Youth

This is a 24-hour training covering the national Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards and implications for responding to the different needs of boys, girls and gender non-conforming youth who are sexually abused in custody. The following are the goals of this training: (1) review the applicable PREA Standards for responding to sexual abuse in custody and their gender impact; (2) review the dynamics of custodial sexual abuse for boys, girls and gender non-conforming youth; (3) identify the components of adolescent development and sexuality and understand their impact on sexual abuse of youth; (4) discuss immediate and long-term medical and mental health care needs of youthful victims of sexual abuse; and (5) identify legal, investigative and other implications and strategies of responding to custodial sexual abuse ... NOTE: BJA is currently undergoing a comprehensive review of this curriculum for official approval. Use of this curriculum, either in part or in whole, does not guarantee that an auditor will find a facility “meets standards” in regards to compliance. Modules comprising this training program are: Training Objectives; The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003; Vectors of Sexual Abuse in Custody-- Gender, Sexuality, and Victimization; Adolescent Development; Adolescent Sexuality; Impact of Culture-- Agency and Youth; Gender, Victimization and Vulnerable Youth; State Criminal Laws; Policy; Medical and Mental Health of Victims in Custody; Operational Practices; Gender Implications for Investigations; Human Resources and the Impact of Gender; and Legal Liability and Gender. In addition to an Instructor's Guide are a Pre-training Checklist, a PowerPoint presentations and handouts (if available) for each module.