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A Sourcebook of Delinquency Interventions

This is a very good guide to interventions effective at reducing juvenile delinquency. "The purpose of implementing a delinquency intervention is to prevent criminal and antisocial behavior, reduce recidivism for those already in the juvenile justice system, and reduce youths’ dynamic/changeable risk factors (termed “criminogenic needs”) that are proven to be the major causes of juvenile criminal behavior. There are three levels at which we define delinquency interventions. The level an intervention is placed within is dependent on the empirical research conducted on that practice, and the results of those analyses. The levels progress in terms of methodological rigor and effectiveness of the practice, with evidence-based practices requiring the highest level of rigor and the highest level of program success with results lasting at least one year from completion" (p. 3). Thirty-eight practices are reviewed and organized into three areas-evidence-based, promising, or practices with demonstrated effectiveness. The entries for each program note the author, contact person, program overview, office location, whether it results in proven recidivism reduction, criminogenic need, target population, treatment setting, modality, training for trainers and associated fees, trainer certification, facilitator prerequisites, program fidelity, and bibliography.