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Staff Perceptions

“When young offenders are placed in secure residential facilities to receive the care and services they need to return to the community and not return to criminal behavior, the juvenile justice system expects that facility staff are well-trained, maintain safe and healthy environments and care about the youths. Research and experience show staff-youth relationships significantly impact youths’ successful reentry yet the relationships are easily threatened by external influences such as staff turnover, facility closings, relocation of staff and youths, changing laws and regulations and punitive behavior management policies. Asking staff members about their perceptions, experiences and feelings working in facilities adds another critical level of understanding to what makes a facility successful or not in rehabilitating youths” (p. 2). Results from a PbS Staff Climate Survey show that the majority of staff: have positive relationships with the youth; are satisfied with their jobs; have received necessary training; feel their supervisors support them; value the families of the youth; and feel safe at work.