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Transforming Rehabilitation: A Summary of Evidence on Reducing Reoffending

“This summary provides an overview of key evidence relating to reducing the reoffending of adult offenders ... [it] outlines evidence on factors associated with reoffending as well as desistance. It also presents evidence on aspects of general offender management and supervision, and on particular interventions and approaches that can reduce reoffending” (p. 1). Sections of this report include: introduction; reoffending and desistance; working effectively with offenders; evidence on reducing reoffending for drug misuse, alcohol misuse, accommodation needs, employment needs, mental health problems, behavior programs, developing and enhancing family relationships, negative peer relationships, restorative justice conferencing, and mentoring; and conclusions. Appendixes cover: further information about links to reoffending; sources of data and research evidence on offenders and recidivism; prevalence of factors commonly associated with reoffending; and standards of evidence.