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Working With Women Who Perpetrate Violence: A Practice Guide

"This practice brief was designed to summarize the available research on female perpetrated violence. Information in this area is still quite limited. However, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that females who engage in violence are not a homogenous group and that there are some important differences in the context and expression of violent behavior across gender. We will examine a host of personal, contextual, cultural, and victimization-related factors among females charged with intimate partner violence and other violent crimes. This information will then be translated into recommendations for assessment and intervention" (p. 1). Several parts make up this document. Part 1-A Review of the Research: overview; prevalence rates; risk factors; and types of perpetrators and motives surround use of violence. Part II-Implications for Assessment: standardized screening and assessment tools; and conducting a comprehensive interview. Part III-Implications for Intervention Approaches and Strategies: general considerations for treatment; and treatment programs to address violence. Part IV-Conclusion.