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World Prison Population List|Eleventh Edition

"This eleventh edition of the World Prison Population List gives details of the number of prisoners held in 223 prison systems in independent countries and dependent territories. It shows the differences in the levels of imprisonment across the world and makes possible an estimate of the world prison population total. The figures include both pre-trial detainees/remand prisoners and those who have been convicted and sentenced. The information is the latest available at the end of October 2015" (p. 1). There are more than 10.35 million people incarcerated throughout the world with the most being in the United States--more than 2.2 million. Seychelles has the highest prison population rate in the world with 799 per 100,000 of its total population. It is followed by the United States (698), St. Kitts & Nevis (607), Turkmenistan (583), and U.S. Virgin Islands (542). More than half (54%) of all countries and territories have rates lower than 150 per 100,000. There has been an increase in the female population since 2000, with the male population increasing 18%. Five tables follow a list of key points from this world population list. Each table shows countries divided into subgroups, prison population total, dates of recorded figure, estimated national population, prison population rate, and source of prison population total. The five tables are: Africa-Northern, Western, Central, Eastern, and Southern; Americas-North, Central, Caribbean, and South; Asia-Western, Central, South Central, South Eastern, and Eastern; Europe-Northern, Southern, Western, Central and Eastern, and Europe/Asia; and Oceania.