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How can I manage and communicate effectively with problem employees?

The National Institute of Corrections offers several self-study e-courses on Working with Difficult People through the NIC Learning Center (for supervisors and managers) and Frontline Learning Center (for correctional line staff.) Course offerings include Dealing with Micromanagers, How to Work with Aggressive People, How to Work with Manipulative People, How to Work with Negative People, How to Work with Procrastinators, How to Work with Self-serving People, and Identifying Difficult on e-courses and then the working with difficult people icon.

Access is available to corrections professionals whose jobs are categorized as executive management, middle management, first line supervision, offender programming, or training/staff development through the NIC Learning Center.


Combating Unprofessional Behavior in Corrections: 4 Signs of Trouble [Part 1]

When Unprofessionalism Undermines Safety and Security [Part 2]

Atherton, Gene. 2011

This article defines some common signs of unprofessional behavior in the corrections environment and how that behavior has a negative effect within the organization.

Managing Problem Employees: A Model Program and Practical Guide

Miller, Laurence. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health. Vol.12, No.4. 2010

This article presents a model program for managing problem employees that includes a description of the basic types of problem employees and employee problems, as well as practical recommendations for selection and screening, education and training, coaching and counseling, discipline, psychological fitness for duty evaluations, mental health services, termination, and leadership and administrative strategies.