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How do I view/access videos on NIC's Data DVDs?

NIC provides some if it's popular video series and resources packages on Data DVDs. A Data DVD is really just like a bigger CD as it designed to be used like a storage drive on a computer instead of playing from a video player. These discs contain a web-like menu that you can launch to access all the files and videos on the disc but you can also get to all of the files but browsing to them directly on the disc.

For Windows computers:

  • Open "My Computer" or "Explorer"
  • Open the "_root" or "_docs" folder
  • All of the resources and videos for the package will be in this folder
  • You can copy/paste them to and from other computers just like any other kind of file.

All videos are stored in Flash (FLV) format which will require a video play capable of playing them--something like VLC Viewer. For you technical folks, the underlying video format is MP4/h.264 and MP3 audio.