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Where can I find information about court security procedures?

National Center For State Courts (NCSC)

Taken from the National Center for State Courts website. Links on this site are organized according to emergency management, facilities, incident reporting, risks to judges, screening policies, state reports, terrorism and homeland security, threat assessment, training, transporting prisoners, and workplace violence.

National Sheriffs' Association Court Security Resources

  • The Emergency Procedures Manual for Court Employees: ""What do I do if…?""
  • Defusing the Risk to Judicial Officials: The Contemporary Threat Management Process
  • Court Security Resource Guide
  • Continuity of Operations Planning for Sheriffs Final Report
  • A Brief History of Court Security
  • Court Security and Transportation of Prisoners

Court Security Committee Report & Recommendations

Texas Judicial Council, 2016

The Court Security Committee was established to assess the status of court security in the state to ensure that the Texas courts remain a safe and open place for individuals to access justice to appropriately resolve their disputes and for judges and court personnel to administer justice, and identify statutes, funding sources, judicial policies or initiatives that could be enacted to further those goals.

Massachusetts Trial Court Officer Academy Recruit Manual

Massachusetts Trial Court Security Department, 2016