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Resources for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Professionals

"Children who come to the attention of the juvenile justice system are a challenging and underserved population. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has developed resources to help juvenile justice professionals understand and provide trauma-focused services to these youth." This website has a wealth of information about trauma-informed juvenile justice. Access is provided to the "Current Issues and New Directions in Creating Trauma-Informed Juvenile Justice Systems, Brief Series": Trauma-Informed Juvenile Justice Roundtable--Current Issues and New Directions in Creating Trauma-Informed Juvenile Justice Systems; Trauma-Informed Assessment and Intervention; The Role of Family Engagement in Creating Trauma-Informed Juvenile Justice Systems; Cross-System Collaboration; Trauma and the Environment of Care in Juvenile Institutions; and Racial Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System--A Legacy of Trauma. Also available is the "Screening and Assessment in the Juvenile Justice System Speaker Series": The Use of Web-Based Screening for Trauma and Associated Disorders in Juvenile Justice Involved Youth; Utilizing Trauma Screening and Assessments in Court Decisions--Perspectives from the Bench and Mental Health; PTSD and Risk Assessments for Juvenile Court Evaluations; and The Need for Trauma-Informed Screening and Assessment in Juvenile Justice Settings--Strengths and Limitations of Commonly Used Instruments. Access is similarly provided to these publications: Assessing Exposure to Psychological Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress in the Juvenile Justice Population Fact Sheet; Testifying in Court about Trauma: How to Prepare and The Court Hearing; Think Trauma Training Course; Trauma among Girls in the Juvenile Justice System; Trauma-Focused Interventions for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System; Trauma Histories Among Justice-Involved Youth: Findings From the National Child Traumatic Stress Network; Victimization and Juvenile Offending; Trauma in the Lives of Gang-Involved Youth: Tips for Volunteers and Community Organizations; and Your Child and Gangs: What You Need to Know about Trauma - Tips for Parents.

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