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Youth in Contact with the Juvenile Justice System Task Force

“This task force was established in June 2011 to focus attention on the needs of youth in the juvenile justice system, particularly in the areas of suicide-related awareness and education, suicide research, suicide prevention programming and training, and collaboration between the juvenile justice and mental health systems. Below, organized by workgroup, are the resources developed to provide findings, recommendations, and practical tools for juvenile justice and mental health administrators and staff.” These workgroups and related publications are: 1: Public Awareness and Education-“Need to Know: A Fact Sheet Series on Juvenile Suicide” (one each for court judges and staff, juvenile detention and secure care staff, and juvenile probation staff); 2: Suicide Research-“ Suicidal Ideation and Behavior among Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: A Review of the Literature”, and “Screening and Assessment for Suicide Prevention: Tools and Procedures for Risk Identification and Risk Reduction among Juvenile Justice Youth”; 3: Suicide Prevention Programming and Training-“ Guide to Developing and Revising Suicide Prevention Protocols for Youth in Contact with the Juvenile Justice System”; and 4: Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Systems Collaboration-“ Preventing Juvenile Suicide through Improved Collaboration: Strategies for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Agencies (Summary). The “Executive Summary: Preventing Suicide Working With Youth Who Are Justice Involved” is also provided.

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