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Body-Worn Camera Toolkit

"This toolkit is a comprehensive clearinghouse for criminal justice practitioners interested in planning and implementing a body-worn camera program in an effort to strengthen community trust and confidence in the justice system and improve officer and community safety."

Each entry point begins with a description of that section and a video from the series "Subject Matter Experts Share".

Points of entry to this website are:

  • getting started-
    • "Toolkit Welcome Message" from Denise O'Donnell
    • "Law Enforcement Implementation Checklist",
    • "Why Trust This Toolkit",
      FAQs (frequently asked questions) primer, market survey, and reports; research
  • "NIC Overview on BWCs" by Nancy Rodriguez
    FAQs, reports, testimony, and studies; policy
  • "Prosecution Perspective on BWCS" by Damon Mosler
    FAQs, guides, guidelines, and policies; technology
  • "BWC Technology Review" by Maggie Goodrich
    FAQs, primer, market survey, reports, webinar, and best practices; privacy
  • "Privacy Perspective on BWC's" by Jay Stanley
    FAQs, reports, guidelines, best practices, and webinars; training
  • "BWC Training Recommendations" from Hampshire Constabulary, UK
    FAQs, primer, policies, guidelines, and webinar; and community stakeholders
  • "Defense Attorney Perspective on BWCs" by Seth Morris,
    FAQs, reports, model policy, and guidelines.