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Corrections Stress: Peaks and Valleys

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Staff is the life blood of any agency and its most valuable resource. Their wellness is paramount to organizational health and mission effectiveness. What can individuals and organizations do to identify issues commonly associated with corrections stress and cultivate a climate of staff resilience and agency health, stability and excellence?

During this broadcast, we will: Acknowledge the effects and consequences of corrections stress on staff and the organization; Identify commonly referenced terminology that informs the discussion of corrections stress; Explore the context and continuum of stress within the corrections profession; Discuss research and knowledge focusing on corrections stress that effects the individual and organizational culture; Present proactive strategies to identify and address cumulative effects and consequences of corrections stress; Describe individual and organizational strategies to build and maintain a healthy workforce; Discuss proactive tools and resources for both individuals and organizations; [and] Provide individual and organizational resources to promote and support a healthy workforce.

This broadcast will answer the following questions: Why is corrections stress an issue we need to address? What are characteristics of corrections stress? What does it look and sound like? What are distinguishing features of corrections stress within institutional and community settings? How do you build awareness of this issue for yourself and your organization? How do you address the problems and effects associated with corrections stress? What are strategies to deal with stressors? How can leadership introduce this issue within the agency? Who needs to be at the table to discuss it? What resources are available to you and your organization to address this issue? Are you taking advantage of them? What are tools and strategies for engaging and connecting directly with your community stakeholders? What positive steps can you take to make a difference personally and within your organization regarding corrections stress?"

Corrections Stress: Peaks and Valleys - Intro

This segment provides a quick introduction to corrections stress and how it can impact staff and organizations. The moderator, Brett Anderson, presents the overall goals and the four objectives of the program. The segment concludes with a brief introduction and background for all of the corrections professionals that will be speaking throughout the broadcast.

Segment 1

This segment summarizes the elements that contribute to corrections stress and explains that corrections stress will be experienced by anyone who works in the profession. Also discussed are the three categories of Occupational Stressors: Operational, Organizational, and Traumatic Stressors; and the effects of repeated exposure to stressors.

Segment 2

In this segment, panelists Kirsten Lewis and Jaime Brower discuss the importance of recognizing and accepting responses to stress, and using this information to become more resilient after stressful or traumatic events in corrections. Furthermore, the panelists detail the importance of mindset, creating balance within all areas of wellness, and finding meaning and purpose as ways of coping with corrections stress. Also discussed, programs and organizational strategies that help build and maintain a supportive, healthy workplace.

Segment 3

This segment provides numerous resources for corrections staff which they can use for reference and continuing education to support health and wellness. The broadcast concludes with a video that discusses the meaning and purpose of corrections work. There is a brief dedication to Cynthia Halterman of the NIC.