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Developing and Implementing a PREA-Compliant Staffing Plan [Webinar]

This webinar is a great introduction for "correctional practitioners to a new resource for developing a PREA-compliant staffing plan, per standard §115.13/.113/.213/.313

Topics for this webinar will include:

  • Recommendations for approaching or improving a staffing plan with consideration of influencing factors; 
  • Facility-specific PREA requirements; 
  • Appropriate staff that should be involved in assessing and drafting the staffing plan; 
  • and Special considerations including the use of video monitoring, staffing ratios in juvenile facilities, supervision of vulnerable populations, and gender-specific considerations" (website). 

The webinar agenda is: 

  • welcome and opening remarks; 
  • background and context; 
  • introduction to the Staffing Plan Resource Guide; 
  • staffing plan requirements; 
  • influencing factors; 
  • how to develop a staffing plan; 
  • video monitoring, juvenile ratios, and gender; 
  • how a staffing plan will be audited; 
  • and question and answer period.