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Implementing Motivational Interviewing in Correctional Settings: An Interview with Dr. William Miller

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This presentation is an extended interview with Dr. William Miller regarding the utilization of motivational interviewing (MI) in correctional settings. Topics discussed include:

  • Background of MI
  • MI in corrections
  • How MI works
  • The spirit of MI
  • Implementing MI
  • MI applications and assessment
  • Brief and one-time MI
  • Essentials of MI
  • MI roll-out and training
  • The supervisor’s role
  • MI research
  • And implications for policy makers, supervisors and MI coaches.

The resources contained on the CD-ROM are transcripts of the video presentation and a copy of "Motivating Offenders to Change."

Watch Segment 1

Watch Segment 2

Watch An Interview with Dr. William Miller - Implications for Policy Makers

Watch Applications for Supervisors & MI Coaches