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Reduce Costs, Lower Risks, Enhance Healthcare Services: The Promise of Effective Pharmaceutical Management [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

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As jurisdictions across the nation attempt to do more with less, the effects of pharmacy management today will have long lasting and costly effects on the broader health care outcomes of tomorrow, in particular, the effectiveness of treatments for inmates with chronic illnesses, infectious diseases and comorbidities. This program will provide clarity around pharmacy management, why it is important to all jurisdictions, and methods for improving existing operations. This 3-hour program broadcast on April 6, 2011 addresses the costs and issues surrounding correctional pharmacy management. After watching this program, participants will: develop new insights regarding current practices for prescribing medications in correctional facilities and the need to manage that process; gain a deeper understanding of the principles, practices, and guidelines of a well-designed formulary management system; acquire a new appreciation for the current evidence and data used to guide formulary decisions; understand best practices related to the delivery of pharmaceuticals and biological medicines; have the skills to improve the coordination of care for offenders between correctional and non-correctional systems; and be able to explore the trends and foreseeable challenges to correctional pharmaceutical management in the future. The broadcast will also help viewers find answers to the following questions: What is a formulary and why is this concept important to my agency? What are the benefits of an effective correctional pharmacy management system? How does a pharmacy management system reduce costs and liability while enhancing healthcare services? What does the evidence tell us? Is there value in collaborating for the purchase of pharmaceuticals and biologicals? How does pharmacy management affect offender reentry?