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From Research to Application: The Case for Learning and Performance [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

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Are you interested in getting more bang for your training buck? Leveraging the impact of your training department? Being effective with the training you prepare for, design, deliver and transfer into the workplace? Following the science of learning into practice? And you know that “content covered is not content learned?” Then this blended, interactive training broadcast / experience can assist with a transformation of your training department / unit into a center of learning and performance that can directly impact employee on-the-job performance. During this national training program sponsored and broadcast by the National Institute of Corrections on January 16 and 17, 2013, facilitators will: Identify the role of the agency leadership, agency supervisor, trainer and learner in preparation for training and the influence that role has on performance; Explore the research regarding the management of content and its impact on learning and performance; Explore the importance of providing learners the opportunity to practice new skills and knowledge and the effect that has on performance; and Discover the connections between performance expectations, evaluation and transfer of learning and how they affect the learner. Also included are the Facilitator Manual, Participant Guide, and PowerPoint slides from the two-day presentation.