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That's DOPE - Making Every Voice Count!, Part 4

We know how you say it matters, and now, in today’s multicultural world, why we said it is equally important. Our experiences and values lead us to unique perspectives about our behavior. A correctional organization’s ability to leverage all voices is much like a music producer. Each unique perspective has its own melody, scale, and intensity that, when combined, can lead to making an impactful DOPE sound.

In the workplace, it’s the team’s collective finely tuned voice that, when in sync, will have the most considerable impact on success. Implementing the techniques that we will share with you will help you get to the D.O.P.E. sound/impact you are striving for. We will walk you through the steps of creating an environment, which allows your team to learn how to listen and be heard together. You will leave as producers with the latest tools to aid in encouraging the engagement and contributions indicative of a high-performing team.

Take-Aways :
Techniques to create a (D.O.P.E) unified voice through:

D iverse and Inclusive: Representative at all levels of the organization
O pen and Fair: Transparent and equal access to opportunities
P sychologically Safe Place: A space where people can feel free to be themselves
E quitable: Access to shape and develop


  • Alfranda Durr, CEO ALD & Associates LLC
  • Kari Heistad, CEO Cultural Coach International

Alfranda (Al) and Kari are Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners with 40 plus years of combined experience conducting in-person and virtual training on a wide range of Human Resources, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion topics. Al and Kari have partnered on a popular webinar series covering a wide range of diversity topics. Combined, Al and Kari bring varied perspectives and ways of seeing the world to their presentations.

Originally broadcast May 12, 2021

That’s DOPE - Making Every Voice Count! [Webinar]