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Transition from Prison to Community: Making It Work [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

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Public safety is everyone's business. This year, 600,000 offenders will leave prison and return to our communities. Whether released offenders live as law-abiding citizens or return to criminal behavior is largely dependent on the preparations made for their release while in prison and their transition process from prison to the community. Many jurisdictions have embraced NIC's Transition from Prison to Community (TPC) Model to increase public safety, support a successful transition process, and utilize scarce taxpayers dollars more effectively. The TPC Model involves community organizations and partnering agencies in creating system change that holds offenders accountable and supports their success in the community. This 3-hour program, originally broadcast September 28, 2005, focuses on the TPC implementation experiences of two states - Missouri and Michigan. Panelists will discuss their experiences with and insights to implementing the reentry model. The goals of this broadcast are for participants to: * Understand the importance of offender transition from prison to community from a variety of perspectives. * Understand the primary elements of the TPC model and the key principles underlying the model's approach. * Understand the key steps in the process of designing and implementing a more effective approach to transition from prison to community.