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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility

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Welcome to the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Portal.

Achieving a work environment that adheres to the principals of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) is quickly becoming the number one challenge of most employers both in private and public sectors. With current demographic forecasts predicting that most work teams will comprise members of different racial and religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and identities, education, and socioeconomic and political affiliations; it will demand that employees have the opportunity to express these variables. 

Applicants and employees are holding employers accountable for their diversity and value statements.  Gone are the days of being able to say one thing on a job announcement and not have those values reflected in the workplace. Employers who want to attract the best must ensure their enacted values match their stated values.  New innovative strategies must be introduced to create and maintain a work environment that encourages staff to be their best authentic selves.  Leadership must embrace new trains of thought that center around the purposeful intertwining of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Having the right people in the right positions doing the right thing is just the beginning. In a work environment where diversity is valued, individuals in work teams must feel comfortable to (1) to speak up (psychological safety), (2) work together (collaboration), and (3) give everyone a voice even when they don’t agree (being respectful).

We Value Psychological Safety:  Safety and security in corrections is the blueprint to conducting our core business practices. Whether in a boardroom, day room, or probation and parole office, corrections staff must feel secure in the knowing they are a valued members of the team.  This mindset will motivate corrections staff to watch out and care for each other, the facility, individuals in custody, and the community.  Every aspect of a corrections system, from the creation of policy to pat searches, requires focused attention to detail without the distraction of having staff who believe they don’t matter or that their work doesn’t make a difference.

We Collaborate: Employee engagement is key for a work team to be successful in carrying out the mission, goals, and vision of an agency. When staff feel valued, they will get involved.  They will engage by offering solutions to create a better workforce. The connection they feel between being safe and sharing ideas will lead to more productive discussions on how best to get a job done. Having employees feel like part of the team also reduces turnover and work dissatisfaction.  Most employees aren’t looking to leave a workplace they believe they contribute to.

We Are Respectful: When employees feel respected, they will take risks and share their ideas to change the workplace.  Safety and collaboration are the catalysts for staff to be authentic and bring their whole selves and passion to the work. When respect is the cornerstone, employees navigate through conflict fluidly and see an opportunity for growth. It is what gets teams to examine issues, tackle them head on,  and get viable solutions to hard problems.   

This portal has been created to support individual and organizational growth.

  • Individually, you can take the opportunity to look honestly at what shapes the way you see people.

  • Organizationally, the portal gives you the chance to reshape the foundation of your organization's culture by helping you examine bias, lead diverse teams, stand for racial and social justice, support inclusive teams, and explore tips on how to create DEIA programs at work.

Done well, a DEIA program will be the heartbeat for a culture of respect, safety, productivity, and efficiency.  This is the type of environment needed for all workplaces and especially within the correctional system. 

We hope the resources on this site will help you build the work culture you want to be part of and can flourish within.

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