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Evidenced-Based Workforce Training Series

three people talking through a problem in an N I C classroom

The Evidenced-Based Workforce Training Series - based on evidence-based practices - shows staff how to combine cognitive behavioral interventions with motivational interviewing techniques to address offenders’ gainful attachment to the workforce and/or job loss. This “hand in glove” approach supports the honest exploration of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs affecting offender employment while addressing quality of life issues. In addition, the series uses the Employment Retention Inventory, a case management tool that connects justice-involved adults to appropriate services and support.

This series applies spiral curriculum approach to learning, where topics and themes repeat but increase in depth each time they appear to allow for mastery of knowledge and skills.

The Evidenced-Based Workforce Training Series consists of the following training events:

  • Employment Retention: Principles and Practice (24-hour regional training)
    • Introduction to motivational interviewing techniques
    • Introduction to cognitive behavioral interventions
    • Career theory and assessments
  • E-Learning Modules (4-hour web-based training)
    • Employment retention strategies
    • Evidence-based concepts
    • Motivational interviewing
  • Employment Retention: Criminal Justice System (40-hour instructor-led)
    • Continuum of care model
    • Career theory operationalization
    • Employment Retention Inventory
  • Professional Coaching Sessions (2-hour quarterly sessions)
    • Skill mastery
    • Knowledge enhancement