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Welcome to the National Institute of Corrections' Recidivism Topic Page. This comprehensive hub serves as a repository of resources focused on exploring a range of issues associated with recidivism, including effective practices that significantly reduce recidivism rates, detailed statistical research, and evidence-based programming within correctional facilities. Whether you are a policy maker, a corrections professional, a researcher, or an advocate for justice reform, here you will find a curated collection of insights and tools aimed at understanding and improving the outcomes for individuals in the corrections system. Our goal is to support informed decision-making and foster interventions that enhance public safety while ensuring successful reintegration for those returning to their communities.

Topic Categories and Resources

The following grey bars are accordions that can be expanded to show a list of "top-shelf" resources that have been hand-picked by our library team around this topic. If you would like additional research assistance on this topic, please contact our help desk. They have access to specialized databases and thousands of resources you won't find online. Click on a grey box below to browse resources in that section.