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On the Road Again: The Dangers of Transporting Ailing Inmates

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"Every day, in communities throughout America, correctional officers, sheriff’s deputies and federal marshals must transport inmates from secure facilities to medical clinics and hospitals for treatment. Every transport is a risky venture for corrections officials, medical staff and the public, because the possibility that the inmate may seize an opportunity to escape is ever-present. This article will examine the problems posed and the risks inherent anytime an inmate is removed from the security of a correctional institution and taken to a medical facility where proper security is difficult to maintain" (p. 77). Sections cover: inmate medical needs; medical transportation; the dangers of transporting inmates to medical facilities; general best practices for transporting inmates; medical transportation practices; transporting officer preparedness; collaboration between EMS, hospital personnel, and correctional officers (i.e., security plans, weapons safety, telemedicine, and learning from past experiences); and five recommendations to increase safety during inmate medical transport.

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