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Corrections Today

Can Corrections Heal? Reducing Recidivism and Increasing Public Safety in Virginia

This article explains the VADOC push towards a holistic culture change and a new corrections paradigm.

How Much Time Should Prisoners Serve?

This article examines the impacts of increased length of stay (LOS) on incarcerated individuals and the subsequent recidivism of those offenders.

On the Road Again: The Dangers of Transporting Ailing Inmates

This article explains problems and risks when an inmate is removed from the security of a correctional institution and taken to a medical facility.

Mindfulness Meditation in American Correctional Facilities: A "What Works" Approach to Reducing Reoffending

This article explains why mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) can be effective in offender rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.

Ensuring the Safety of LGBT Youths in the Juvenile Justice System

This article provides some broad guidance for agency leadership to treat LGBT youths in a fair and respectful way and to promote positive interactions between youths and between youths and staff.

“Cuff Key to Door Key: A Systems Approach to Reentry: NIC’s Inaugural Virtual Conference

This workshop covers the underlying foundations of cognitive behavioral training, including cognitive restructuring and cognitive skills.

Offender Workforce Development Services Makes an Impact

Results are presented from an ongoing evaluation project on the effectiveness of offender workforce development (OWD) services.

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