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OJJDP Juvenile Justice Bulletin

Psychosocial Maturity and Desistance From Crime in a Sample of Serious Juvenile Offenders

This study explores the processes through which juvenile offenders desist from crime and delinquency

Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among Detained Youth

In this bulletin, the authors examine suicidal thoughts and behaviors among 1,829 youth ages 10 to 18 in the Northwestern Juvenile Project—a longitudinal study of youth detained at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center in Chicago, IL.

Functional Impairment in Delinquent Youth

This study explains why agencies must invest in programming to give justice-involved youth a chance to experience productive and healthy life.

Children’s Exposure to Violence and the Intersection Between Delinquency and Victimization

This bulletin explains how to use the NatSCEV to determine when victimization and delinquency converge or diverge among youth of different ages.

The Northwestern Juvenile Project: Overview

This report provides information on how to facilitate successful reentry and successful transition to adulthood for justice-involved youth.

Underage Drinking: Practice Guidelines for Community Corrections

This bulletin describes ten guidelines to help professionals develop a plan for screening underage drinkers, respond, and provide treatment.

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