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Staff Perspectives: Sexual Violence in Adult Prisons & Jails

  • Investigating Sexual Assaults in Correctional Facilities

    Problems with the investigation of sexual assaults (inmate on inmate sexual assault and staff sexual misconduct) in correctional facilities are discussed. Sections following an executive summary are: inmate-related issues in investigating sexual violence; staff barriers to investigations; investigating staff sexual misconduct; additional issues affecting investigations; outside factors; and conclusion.

  • Sexual Violence in Women's Prisons and Jails: Results From Focus Group Interviews

    Results from focus group interviews of correctional personnel from 2 women's facilities (one jail and one prison) are reported. Observations are presented according to the following areas: summary of findings; staff perspectives on sexual assault in women's correctional facilities; knowledge about sexual assault; inmate reports of sexual violence; role of previous violence and institutional behavior; characteristics of vulnerable and predatory female inmates; staff sexual misconduct -- consequences, knowledge of policy, safety, inmate-initiated misconduct, risk factors, reporting, and false accusations; procedures for responding to sexual assault; staff training; staff recommendations; and conclusion.