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Skills for Offender Assessment and Responsivity in New Goals (SOARING2)

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"This online training system is set up in a series of five modules that you can review at your leisure. You may log in to access the modules using the username and password that have been provided to you. You will also have access to several worksheets (labeled "Module Resources") that you can use with offenders in various stages of case management. These resources are described in more detail in the modules. We hope that you find this system to be a useful tool for enhancing your case management skills. As you go through the modules, please be mindful of any areas that seem confusing, unclear, or impractical." The training system is comprised of five modules: Risk, Needs, Stabilizers, and Responsivity; Offender Engagement; Case Planning; Problem Solving; and Offender Change/Desistance from Crime. Interactive features utilized to enhance the user's learning include: audio enhancements; video demonstrations; case vignettes; immediate corrective feedback to incorrect answers on quizzes; and printable resources such as the Behavioral Chain, Desistance Process Map, Sanctions and Incentives Schedule, and the Decision Grid.

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