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National Sheriff's Association (NSA) (Alexandria, VA)

"As a consequence of the failed mental illness treatment system, an increasing number of individuals with untreated serious mental illness are encountering law enforcement officers, sometimes with tragic results. “Justifiable homicides,” [arrest-related deaths (ARDs)] in which an individual is killed by a law enforcement officer in the line of duty, may occur when criminals are being pursued, as in a bank robbery, or when an officer is threatened with a weapon, in other situations" (p. 3). This report examines the available information about justifiable homicides and concludes with recommendations for addressing critical issues involving the transfer of responsibility for mentally ill individuals from mental health professionals to law enforcement personnel.

Justifiable Homicides by Law Enforcement Officers: What is the Role of Mental Illness? Cover

"Safe sex is generally defined as a set of practices designed to reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However, in a jail setting, the definition of safe sex is expanded. Insofar as a jail officer is concerned, “safe sex” is translated “no sex.” Unfortunately, there are too many instances of jail officers being involved sexually with inmates. The outcome is never good, often resulting in health, family and legal consequences for the offending officer" (p. 1). This is an excellent article describing the legal consequences arising from a correctional officer having sex with an inmate. Sections cover: a national problem; recognizing the problem; legal issues; consequences of sexual misconduct; preventing sexual misconduct; the supervisor's responsibility; what to expect if there is litigation; and the bottom line—no sex in jail.

Safe Sex in Jail Cover
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