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Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE) (Chicago, IL)

Rights of Rastafarian Employees and Inmates

This article covers legal issues related to Rastafarian correctional staff and inmates and provides suggestions for addressing these challenges.

Prisoners, Parolees, Sex Offenders, Computers, and the Internet

This two-part series discussing issues and developments in the use of information technologies by inmates and offenders in the community.

Police Body-Worn Cameras (BWCs)

This website provides a wide range of information regarding body-worn cameras (BWCs).

Use of Electronic Control Weapon on a Person Suffering from Delirium or Other Agitated Condition

This two-part article focuses on litigation the use of Tasers on persons suffering from “excited delirium” in a correctional setting.

Civil Liability for Inadequate Prisoner Medical Care: Eye and Vision Related

This article looks at the case law related to the mandated provision of eye and vision care.                           

Civil Liability for the Use of Pepper Spray (OC), Tear Gas, and Chemical Agents, Part 1 [and] Part 2

This article presents a basic understanding of civil issues related to the use of chemical agents by law enforcement and correctional officers.

Civil Liability for the Use of Neck Restraints

This two-part article looks at the liability issues related to neck restraint use. 

Prisoners with HIV/AIDS [Parts 1 and 2]

This two-part article takes a brief look at five specific areas that have come up fairly frequently related to prisoners with HIV/AIDS.

Prisoner Classification and Gang Activity

This article explains how courts rule on cases involving custodial risk levels based on the previous gang activity of the prisoner. 

Workplace Harassment by Law Enforcement and Correctional Supervisors: Part 1--Sexual Harassment [and] Part 2--Racial and Other Forms of Harassment

This publication explains employer liability resulting from sexual harassment perpetrated by a supervisor.

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